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Gala XGSW “Night of Champions” was a quite a new endeavour for me.   I am a woman,  married for 13 years with 3 children, trying to balance a full time job with being a mom… I thought being a mom, photographing children and families will be at odds with a mixed martial arts event…

I thought I would  never take part in such an event and certainly not as a photographer.  But you never know what life has in store for you!  An opportunity came up and there I was photographing for one of the most popular MMA websites – MMA ROCKS!

I must admit I did some prep-work, read everything I could on this topic on the Internet, rented proper lenses but still was really worried all this will be for nothing as I did not have any experience in sports photography nor someone to ask for guidance.

I went with my gut.  People and their emotions have always been my driving power and inspiration.

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